I miss class…

Okay, so Spring Break is winding down, Audrey and I go back to campus Sunday afternoon, and to be honest, I’m pretty glad. I reallllly miss my classes. Weird right? Of course I miss my friends and such as well, but I want to go back to class. Because I have some awesome classes.

I don’t know which my favorite is. It’s either Acting 2 or Late 20th Century Drama. Both are amazing,

Acting 2-So this is my second acting class here at WAC. This one focuses on Shakespeare. I personally love Shakespeare, so this is a class I really love. It’s also the earliest class I have (it’s only 10am though). But I don’t mind getting up for this class, it’s the only class I don’t mind waking up early for. I love it so much.

Late 20th Century Drama-This is a writing intensive, though so far the writing load hasn’t been bad. In this class, we read plays written in between 1950-1992 and analyze them and how the political climate impacted these plays. It’s an amazing class, and it’s so much fun to just speak your mind about all sorts of topics. Anything brought up in the plays is fair game. And there is such a variety of things brought up, I’m always upset when class is over because I feel like there is so much more we can talk about.

So yeah. I really want to go back to school for my amazing classes. Three days until I’m back in a classroom. Never thought I’d look forward to classes. But that’s WAC magic for you.