WAC Happy Things #3

I wasn’t planning on this one, but I just saw it and it made me so happy, so I have to include it.

#3 Our amazing admissions department and our new ads.

This above ad is in BWI airport, which, as you can see in this photo, is usually pretty darn busy. Which makes me super happy, as that means lots and lots of people will be seeing this ad, and hopefully learning about our college. 

Our admissions department is wonderful and amazing and I don’t think I could say enough good things about them. The people who work there are all incredibly lovely people, and they really do help you make your admissions process as smooth as possible. My personal Admissions person was Aundra Weissert, she handles all admissions from my high school, as well as many others of course. She was definitely one of the people I met here, both before and during my actual application process, that made me feel much more secure in this college being my first choice. I didn’t feel like a name in a pile of applications, I felt like an individual that was valued and appreciated by the people here. During my process, I couldn’t stop lauding there praises, and I haven’t stopped since (obviously). Coming to an open house, or just talking to someone over email or the phone, and you can immediately feel that warmth from the admissions department. It’s your first step to college, and they sure do make it a great one.


#2 for WAC Happy Things

My Dorm, Middle Hall

This year, I live in Middle Hall, the arts dorm on campus. Just a clarification, you do not have to be involved in the arts or be an arts major to live in the hall, for example my roommate, who is a business major, lives here. The dorm has five main arts we represent, Theatre, Dance, Music, English, and Art. We have a house council that has a member who represents one of each of these arts (as well as a freshman representative). We have all sorts of fun and random activities happening, such as a Haunted House we host, tour, and act in every Halloween. Also, we have a stage in the basement, where we host everything from open mic nights and slam poetry competitions, to Improv Team shows. Also, the piece de resistance, Middle Porch. On the far side of the dorm, facing the green, we have a porch that most nights, and especially weekends, most folks end up on the porch, talking and laughing and just enjoying each others company.

Overall, Middle Hall is just a fun place on campus that is, well, just right in the middle of everything and all of us, those who live here, as well as those who visit, absolutely love it that way.

WAC Happy Things

So for people who followed my summer on here, I did 100 happy days this summer. I really loved doing that and so now I want to try something familiar, but new. I am going to list (and not every single day minds you) 100 things about WAC that I love. It won’t be every single day, and sometimes it will be several a day, but the goal is to post 100 things I love by the end of this semester. So here we go with #1

#1-My Roommate


My roommate Audrey is my best friend and basically my sister. We were randomly assigned to each other as roommates, and I thank my lucky stars for it because we never would have actually found each other online (probably). Even though on paper we don’t make much sense as roommates, we just match each other perfectly. This college is full of amazing people, but I can’t imagine anyone else being my roommate, and I know tons of other students who have lovely roommate experiences. Points to WAC for being wonderful for pairing up roommates.

Day 40: So all the incoming Class of 2018 freshman just got their dorm and roommate assignments today. It’s mind boggling to me to think that a year ago today Audrey ‘Audi’ Utchen emailed me and we talked for the first time. It was a whirlwind of a first year and I couldn’t have done it all without the best roommate ever by my side. Best of luck to all the incoming freshman, I hope you can be as lucky with your roommate selection as I was with Audrey! So excited to go back and start my second year at WAC soon and go through all the crazy roommate shenanigans again!

Day 40: So all the incoming Class of 2018 freshman just got their dorm and roommate assignments today. It's mind boggling to me to think that a year ago today Audrey 'Audi' Utchen emailed me and we talked for the first time. It was a whirlwind of a first year and I couldn't have done it all without the best roommate ever by my side. Best of luck to all the incoming freshman, I hope you can be as lucky with your roommate selection as I was with Audrey! So excited to go back and start my second year at WAC soon and go through all the crazy roommate shenanigans again! #100happydays

Happy Birthday, Washington College!

Today is Washington College’s Birthday!! Yay WAC!!! Love this college and all the amazing people who are a part of it!! Here’s to many more years of Washington College being amazing!
Happy Birthday, Washington College!

On May 24, 1782, the Maryland General Assembly granted a college charter to the school on the banks of the Chester River, establishing the first college of the new nation. Learn more about the founding and William Smith at http://bit.ly/1jLpDR5

On May 24, 1782, the Maryland General Assembly granted a college charter to the school on the banks of the Chester River, establishing the first college of the new nation. Learn more about the founding and William Smith at http://bit.ly/1jLpDR5

Spring Fever

Hey folks,
So today begins the two week countdown. Next Friday, May 2nd, marks the end of classes. We do have finals week following that of course, but after that it is SUMMER…and I don’t know how I feel about that.
On one hand, I’m crazy excited about being home and seeing my family and friends and all that, but I don’t want to leave my friends, who are more of a second family to me now. I can’t imagine being apart from them for over three months. These people are the most amazing wonderful friends I could have ever asked for. My first year at college has been incredible and there is a big part of me which just kind of wants to skip the summer and go straight into sophomore year. Yeah, I love it here THAT much. But we can’t skip that time, so I’ll be home with my lovely family, who i have really missed, making some dough and lazing about not writing essays. And I guess that won’t be too bad either. But I have two weeks of classes left, and finals week, before I have to say goodbye to WAC for the summer…I’m going to enjoy what I have left of this time while I can.
People say college flies by, but man, no one can really prepare you for it. I feel like last week I was meeting everyone in my fall semester classes, and now here I am, studying for spring finals. Time flies when you’re having fun (and all those other cliches that totally apply to this moment).


Radio Silence

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry that’s its been radio silence for the past week or two. I am about to drop some knowledge about why this happened, and please, take it to heart. It’s gonna help you out in the future.


For those of you who aren’t theater oriented I want to explain what tech week is. Tech week is the week prior to an opening night of a play in which the show is run with all it’s technical aspects-lights, sound, prop, costumes, the whole she-bang. It can take all day for, well, a week (or more). I have been in three tech weeks in the past four weeks. Translation-my brain is melting. I have spent every second of every day in the theater-whether it’s in my classes, or in tech week. The earliest I’ve returned home to my dorm room this month is 11:15pm. I have pulled all nighters in the theater trying to write papers, and I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into the three shows I’ve worked on. And it has been amazingI have loved every second of the shows I have been working on and I have made wonderful friends because of it. However, I have let some things, like you lovely folks, and my friends who aren’t theater people, slip through the cracks. One of my really close friends here on campus I finally saw for the first time this month yesterday night and I didn’t have time to do anything besides say hi. So you need to figure out priorities and balance everything. Because I have had so much fun with my theater friends, but I am struggling to balance my other aspects of my life.


And I will make time for all of you…as soon as this show ends. Then I am all yours again <3. And with that, I’m basically out of time and have to run to class…in the theater…again. (What’d I tell you?)



This morning’s sunrise over the green…yes I was awake for the sunrise. Pulling an all-nighter to write a paper. A word to the wise-if you ever do need to pull an all nighter, do it with your friends. They make the hours fly by, and force you to focus when you can’t write another word for your paper.

Next Year

So tomorrow I officially register for my classes. I sat down with my advisor on Tuesday and figured out my schedule-this is what we’re looking at for what my schedule will be.

Spanish (200 level)-language requirement

Music Theory-music minor/quantitative science requirement

Romanticism-english major requirement

Experimental Environment Drama-drama major requirement

Playwriting-drama major/creative writing minor requirement

Solo Voice-music minor requirement

Chamber Choir-music minor requirement.

If you look at that list, there’s one very obvious link between all my courses. They are all required for my majors/minors. I don’t have a single elective on my schedule for Fall 2014. But here’s the thing-I don’t care about that. Yeah, it’s gonna be tough, but I love everything I’m doing so much, I don’t care that I have so many classes (not all are full 4 credit classes though, I’m not that crazy) or that I have to take them all to graduate with my intended majors and minors-when you love something enough like I love Drama, English, Creative Writing, and Music, then it doesn’t matter what else happens. When it comes to picking a major it’s very similar to a career-you want to do something that you love. Because that’s what you’ll be doing every single day for the rest of your life. 

So maybe next semester there will be a billion rants about how much work I have, and how I was stupid to take on so much. But I don’t care. As long as I am doing what I love, I’ll be happy, whether or not there’s an avalanche of homework crushing me (which I fully expect there will be)



Tonight starts the run of DNA!! It’s a really great show, so if you have a night free please come see us! We’re in Tawes Theater, show starts at 8 and it’s free!

The Curtain Rises…(gulp)

Okay, so DNA (the senior thesis play I’m in) opens in exactly one week. At 8pm exactly one week from tonight, the play opens. 


I know I’m ready, but I am still panicking. I think what I’m most worried about is that the show is ending. I really don’t want it to end. This show has been amazing and I don’t know what I’m gonna do without seeing the cast everyday and getting to play this amazing character.


I’m really nervous that I’m going to mess up. You know, it’s an amazing show and an amazing role, and I don’t want to let everyone down.

But yeah…..so many nervous. Very freaked. Yeah.



I miss class…

Okay, so Spring Break is winding down, Audrey and I go back to campus Sunday afternoon, and to be honest, I’m pretty glad. I reallllly miss my classes. Weird right? Of course I miss my friends and such as well, but I want to go back to class. Because I have some awesome classes.

I don’t know which my favorite is. It’s either Acting 2 or Late 20th Century Drama. Both are amazing,

Acting 2-So this is my second acting class here at WAC. This one focuses on Shakespeare. I personally love Shakespeare, so this is a class I really love. It’s also the earliest class I have (it’s only 10am though). But I don’t mind getting up for this class, it’s the only class I don’t mind waking up early for. I love it so much.

Late 20th Century Drama-This is a writing intensive, though so far the writing load hasn’t been bad. In this class, we read plays written in between 1950-1992 and analyze them and how the political climate impacted these plays. It’s an amazing class, and it’s so much fun to just speak your mind about all sorts of topics. Anything brought up in the plays is fair game. And there is such a variety of things brought up, I’m always upset when class is over because I feel like there is so much more we can talk about.

So yeah. I really want to go back to school for my amazing classes. Three days until I’m back in a classroom. Never thought I’d look forward to classes. But that’s WAC magic for you.




Happy Spring Break Everyone! I am so happy it’s Spring Break. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Washington College, but I really needed a break from the craziness of classes and rehearsals, and everything else. Now I can just sleep…and memorize lines…and do work for school…and hang out with my friends (from college)…and basically do anything I would do at school at home…but oh well. I get to see my family! And sleep in my own bed! And eat amazing food!! Speaking of which, I really need a snack….peace out!



The highlight of my month is definitely without a question getting into DNAIt is such an amazing show, and I am so fortunate to be in it with such a great group of people.


So college is a crazy busy time for all of us. That’s obvious. Add schoolwork (at a college level of course) and then throw in some extra-curriculars, a splash of sports here, a dash of going to concerts and shows there, plus all those social interactions that get us through the day, and what you end up with is a pretty crazy life. A fun life, but a crazy one.

But when you’re in theatre, all of those things happen, plus a whole lot of rehearsals, work calls, strikes, extra work, memorizing lines, scenes for class, and anything else that sucks up your time. Your previously crazy time reaches a level of insanity, and you are normally out the second your head hits the pillow each night because your so exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we (theatre kids) have it harder than anyone else. I mean, I don’t have to spend hours a day running or rowing or dribbling, or anything else that involves the small amount of physical athleticism I do have, which is nice. But there is something so exhausting about becoming someone else for sometimes hours at a time. Giving yourself up to become a different person is…honestly it can be kind of scary sometimes, People are so afraid they’ll mess up being someone else, or they’ll do it wrong-that’s where we get stage fright from. (Maybe, don’t quote me on that)

But we do get to have the most amazing experiences. For example, my roommate is a business major who is on the volleyball team. There was not a scrap of theatre in her at the beginning of this year. But by coming to shows, and hanging out with my friends, and even coming to group meetings sometimes for improv, she slowly started getting…theatre-fied. Now she’s in a show. A full on, giant scale production of an awesome show. 

That’s the beauty of being a theatre kid. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drama major, or a business major, or any other major-it’s come one, come all. Yes, it is emotionally exhausting at times, and yes there are headaches and even sometimes tears involved. But at the end of the day, you get to hang out with a group of amazing, diverse people, and you get a chance to leave your problems behind and deal with someone else’s…at least for a few hours.

College is about new experiences. So yeah, maybe theatre isn’t all that new of an experience for me. But the person I’ve become since I’ve come to Washington is completely different from who I was before, and being this New Kaitlyn is a crazy new experience for me. So much of this new person, her confidence, charisma (if she has any), dedication, wackiness-all of these qualities have been developed in the theater here.

So when you (whoever you are reader) go to college, please, try something new. Maybe it will be theatre (which would be really cool…just saying), maybe not. But try something new. See how it changes you. Because in four years, I plan to walk off this campus a completely different person. A better person. And I know now, I’m already part way there.