Day 100: 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s been 100 days already. This as been an amazing journey, even though it kind of seems like nothing happened, I feel really different. I am amazed that over 70% of people quit this project-if everyone could feel the difference just 100 days can make, we could all live much, well, happier lives. I am so happy I did this, and I highly encourage anyone who wants to try it to go right ahead! Thanks for listening to all my weird (or boring) adventures. One last picture-I designed this picture to be a representation of my environment (it’s for class). It’s the people, places, and things that make me who I am, and yes, 100 happy days is written in there. 

Day 99: Running a little late but I got distracted working on a project for class (yes I know it’s a Friday night, but I like school, sue me). Can’t believe I have one day left. I went to the store tonight (and saw this pretty moon) to grab stuff for my project and I found myself picking up snacks for some friends who had a late night tonight. It’s weird, at the beginning of these 100 happy days, I wouldn’t have ignored them having a long and probably boring night, but I don’t think I would have gone out of my way to do something to make their nights a little nicer. That’s one of the main things I’ve learned in these 100 happy days. Sometimes making other people happy is enough to make you happy yourself. It’s a lesson I’m happy to have learned in this journey…but more on that tomorrow, the 100TH DAY!!!! 

Day 98: Had a fun day carting around a backpack full of heavy books (haven’t missed that feeling). I did have some great meetings and interviews today that make me feel very hopeful about this school year. Also, I headed over to Queen Anne’s to see my old dormmates and play some Disney Scene It. Forgot to change out of my interview clothes though, so while everyone else was in sweats I was all fancied up. Oh well, at least I looked professional! 

Day 97: We had our first full drama meeting of the year today, which was wonderful. Everyone was cheering and goofing off and it was like we had never left eachother. Unfortunately that was followed by a mountain of homework (it’s only the third day people!) which I am still working through. On the upside, I am really enjoying reading William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. It’s always nice when you actually enjoy what you’re working on.

Day 96: Had an amazing experience today, one that I actually got to cross off my bucket list. Got to go up on the roof of Gibson Theater. Fun Fact-you can see the Chester River if you’re on the roof facing south. It was kinda freaky climbing the never-ending spiral stair case to get up there, but there is something about climbing out a hatch into the sky that is so breathtaking. I just hope I get a chance to go back up there soon. (And yeah, the rest of my day wasn’t too bad either :P )

Day 95: this if for yesterday, but the first day of school was so crazy that I forgot to post. It was a great day though! Decent classes, I’m a little nervous about just how many classes I have, but that’s alright, I will survive! Spent the night playing Bingo, which, according to the laws of the universe, I was always one number away from winning. Literally, one square away….urgh.

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Day 94: Last day before classes! We had the campus picnic today which was fun as always. It seriously doesn’t feel like classes start tomorrow but I am ready and excited for this school year to start. Between Audrey and I we will have a crazy semester of classes though. Just look at this schedule!

Day 93: Last day before everyone else moves in. Both excited to see all my friends again but this week has been so relaxed. Everyone is chilling in the room singing showtunes and bonding (and taking photos of Lily while she doesn’t want me to). The middle hall folks are great and I’m excited for what’s gonna be a great school year.

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Day 92: spent both my morning and evening in work today which was kinda tiring but still fun. Nicholas made lunch special with the super mega death waffle (the second) which he ate in under 10 minutes. Yeah. Also, introducing my friends to Merlin the tv show today which was magical (no pun intended).

Day 91: work was cancelled today so I hung out with my friends all day. Lorenz moved in today, so HHS represent at WAC. Spent the evening watching the freshmen at Playfair with Audrey and friends from the porch of Middle. Watching the lightning storm from out there was great but once the mosquitoes started trying to eat us we moved into my room. Thank goodness we can chill until all ours of the night without classes tomorrow.

Day 90: Spent the day wandering around campus checking things off my list of stuff I wanted to do…which included getting some plays and books from the library…in case I won’t have enough to read when school starts :P . Spent the evening chilling with Audrey and Lily as per usual, and talked to my folks on the phone, it was nice to hear there voices.

Day 89: had training most the day for tech crew, but on the upside, I’m done with training for another year! Spent the evening hanging out with Lily, Audrey, Andrew, and everyone else who just wanders into our room (doors pretty much always open). Andrew was cracking Audrey’s back, which was hilarious for some reason. It was one of those things that’s just funny for no reason and is great.

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Day 88: got to dump the water bucket on Andrew for the ALS today which was fun. Got myself wet as well though, but I guess it’s just preparation for whenever it’s my turn. Also walked around campus tonight with Lily like we did last year. With each thing I do I feel more and more like I’m not here for just a visit and that I’m back at WAC for the long haul, which I love. Also, I forgot how pretty our sunsets are.

Day 87: A little late, but I was downstairs watching Wolf of Wall Street with Audrey, Lily, and Andrew and lost track of time. Have completely finished setting up my side of the room so I spent most the day hanging out with Lily and Katie as well as Amanda and Justine and just catching up and goofing off and getting used to being back at WAC.

Day 86: Back at WAC!!!! Dad an I drove here and had some nice chill time and lunch before he headed out. Ear splitting screams ensued when Audrey and I reunited, and my stuff is actually entirely unpacked. Hanging out now with Taylor and Andrew enjoying the new year at WAC.