So college is a crazy busy time for all of us. That’s obvious. Add schoolwork (at a college level of course) and then throw in some extra-curriculars, a splash of sports here, a dash of going to concerts and shows there, plus all those social interactions that get us through the day, and what you end up with is a pretty crazy life. A fun life, but a crazy one.

But when you’re in theatre, all of those things happen, plus a whole lot of rehearsals, work calls, strikes, extra work, memorizing lines, scenes for class, and anything else that sucks up your time. Your previously crazy time reaches a level of insanity, and you are normally out the second your head hits the pillow each night because your so exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we (theatre kids) have it harder than anyone else. I mean, I don’t have to spend hours a day running or rowing or dribbling, or anything else that involves the small amount of physical athleticism I do have, which is nice. But there is something so exhausting about becoming someone else for sometimes hours at a time. Giving yourself up to become a different person is…honestly it can be kind of scary sometimes, People are so afraid they’ll mess up being someone else, or they’ll do it wrong-that’s where we get stage fright from. (Maybe, don’t quote me on that)

But we do get to have the most amazing experiences. For example, my roommate is a business major who is on the volleyball team. There was not a scrap of theatre in her at the beginning of this year. But by coming to shows, and hanging out with my friends, and even coming to group meetings sometimes for improv, she slowly started getting…theatre-fied. Now she’s in a show. A full on, giant scale production of an awesome show. 

That’s the beauty of being a theatre kid. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drama major, or a business major, or any other major-it’s come one, come all. Yes, it is emotionally exhausting at times, and yes there are headaches and even sometimes tears involved. But at the end of the day, you get to hang out with a group of amazing, diverse people, and you get a chance to leave your problems behind and deal with someone else’s…at least for a few hours.

College is about new experiences. So yeah, maybe theatre isn’t all that new of an experience for me. But the person I’ve become since I’ve come to Washington is completely different from who I was before, and being this New Kaitlyn is a crazy new experience for me. So much of this new person, her confidence, charisma (if she has any), dedication, wackiness-all of these qualities have been developed in the theater here.

So when you (whoever you are reader) go to college, please, try something new. Maybe it will be theatre (which would be really cool…just saying), maybe not. But try something new. See how it changes you. Because in four years, I plan to walk off this campus a completely different person. A better person. And I know now, I’m already part way there.