Radio Silence

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry that’s its been radio silence for the past week or two. I am about to drop some knowledge about why this happened, and please, take it to heart. It’s gonna help you out in the future.


For those of you who aren’t theater oriented I want to explain what tech week is. Tech week is the week prior to an opening night of a play in which the show is run with all it’s technical aspects-lights, sound, prop, costumes, the whole she-bang. It can take all day for, well, a week (or more). I have been in three tech weeks in the past four weeks. Translation-my brain is melting. I have spent every second of every day in the theater-whether it’s in my classes, or in tech week. The earliest I’ve returned home to my dorm room this month is 11:15pm. I have pulled all nighters in the theater trying to write papers, and I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into the three shows I’ve worked on. And it has been amazingI have loved every second of the shows I have been working on and I have made wonderful friends because of it. However, I have let some things, like you lovely folks, and my friends who aren’t theater people, slip through the cracks. One of my really close friends here on campus I finally saw for the first time this month yesterday night and I didn’t have time to do anything besides say hi. So you need to figure out priorities and balance everything. Because I have had so much fun with my theater friends, but I am struggling to balance my other aspects of my life.


And I will make time for all of you…as soon as this show ends. Then I am all yours again <3. And with that, I’m basically out of time and have to run to class…in the theater…again. (What’d I tell you?)



This morning’s sunrise over the green…yes I was awake for the sunrise. Pulling an all-nighter to write a paper. A word to the wise-if you ever do need to pull an all nighter, do it with your friends. They make the hours fly by, and force you to focus when you can’t write another word for your paper.

Next Year

So tomorrow I officially register for my classes. I sat down with my advisor on Tuesday and figured out my schedule-this is what we’re looking at for what my schedule will be.

Spanish (200 level)-language requirement

Music Theory-music minor/quantitative science requirement

Romanticism-english major requirement

Experimental Environment Drama-drama major requirement

Playwriting-drama major/creative writing minor requirement

Solo Voice-music minor requirement

Chamber Choir-music minor requirement.

If you look at that list, there’s one very obvious link between all my courses. They are all required for my majors/minors. I don’t have a single elective on my schedule for Fall 2014. But here’s the thing-I don’t care about that. Yeah, it’s gonna be tough, but I love everything I’m doing so much, I don’t care that I have so many classes (not all are full 4 credit classes though, I’m not that crazy) or that I have to take them all to graduate with my intended majors and minors-when you love something enough like I love Drama, English, Creative Writing, and Music, then it doesn’t matter what else happens. When it comes to picking a major it’s very similar to a career-you want to do something that you love. Because that’s what you’ll be doing every single day for the rest of your life. 

So maybe next semester there will be a billion rants about how much work I have, and how I was stupid to take on so much. But I don’t care. As long as I am doing what I love, I’ll be happy, whether or not there’s an avalanche of homework crushing me (which I fully expect there will be)



Tonight starts the run of DNA!! It’s a really great show, so if you have a night free please come see us! We’re in Tawes Theater, show starts at 8 and it’s free!





wait why is this so cute

His smile in the last gif. Awww


my tweeting is getting slightly out of control 

So many nos.

When that guy smiles at you


love this

Nine seasons…

I will miss them so much



1 2 3

How come everybody in my dorm is so darn talented??



It’s tech week…enough said



My step-brother is a teacher and to shut up his students he gave them a Where’s Wally

But he photoshopped Wally out

One kid asked to stay behind at break so he could find it poor child



8. the magic begins a scene you really wanted to be in the movies but wasn’t → career advice

"Well, then, I am confused…I’m afraid I don’t quite understand how you can give Mr. Potter false hope that —"
"False hope?" repeated Professor McGonagall, still refusing to look round at Professor Umbridge. “He has achieved high marks in all his Defense Against the Dark Arts tests —"
"I am terribly sorry to have to contradict you, Minerva, but as you will see from my note, Harry has been achieving very poor results in his classes with me —"
"I should have made my meaning plainer," said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look Umbridge directly in the eyes. “He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher."


The Curtain Rises…(gulp)

Okay, so DNA (the senior thesis play I’m in) opens in exactly one week. At 8pm exactly one week from tonight, the play opens. 


I know I’m ready, but I am still panicking. I think what I’m most worried about is that the show is ending. I really don’t want it to end. This show has been amazing and I don’t know what I’m gonna do without seeing the cast everyday and getting to play this amazing character.


I’m really nervous that I’m going to mess up. You know, it’s an amazing show and an amazing role, and I don’t want to let everyone down.

But yeah… many nervous. Very freaked. Yeah.



I miss class…

Okay, so Spring Break is winding down, Audrey and I go back to campus Sunday afternoon, and to be honest, I’m pretty glad. I reallllly miss my classes. Weird right? Of course I miss my friends and such as well, but I want to go back to class. Because I have some awesome classes.

I don’t know which my favorite is. It’s either Acting 2 or Late 20th Century Drama. Both are amazing,

Acting 2-So this is my second acting class here at WAC. This one focuses on Shakespeare. I personally love Shakespeare, so this is a class I really love. It’s also the earliest class I have (it’s only 10am though). But I don’t mind getting up for this class, it’s the only class I don’t mind waking up early for. I love it so much.

Late 20th Century Drama-This is a writing intensive, though so far the writing load hasn’t been bad. In this class, we read plays written in between 1950-1992 and analyze them and how the political climate impacted these plays. It’s an amazing class, and it’s so much fun to just speak your mind about all sorts of topics. Anything brought up in the plays is fair game. And there is such a variety of things brought up, I’m always upset when class is over because I feel like there is so much more we can talk about.

So yeah. I really want to go back to school for my amazing classes. Three days until I’m back in a classroom. Never thought I’d look forward to classes. But that’s WAC magic for you.